Highlight adidas commitment to innovation in the sport of Football and celebrate the ongoing partnership between UEFA and adidas Football.

A new way of looking at the game. A new way to improve your game.

We created a data visualization tool using real-time data from the UEFA Champions League matches. The revolutionary tool gives footballers a new perspective on the game to help them become better players.

Through a partnership with UEFA and Opta Sports (foremost data provider in world-wide sports), adidas can show football data in a way that has never been done before. Players and fans gain a deeper understanding of game play through the team and individual players points-of-view. Users can select an individual player to see how plays unfold and where they play most successfully on the pitch and then take that knowledge into their own game.

As an added social component footballers and fans can share specific moments of Champions League matches with their teammates to further the discussion and look at in-depth statistics about players. Infographics generated from specific key moments of matches and players performances are displayed to give users the full picture of the matches.